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Kauai’s real estate market seems to have recovered in 2013 or did it? To find out I decided to compare the number of Fee Simple properties sold in 2013 with 2012. But then I thought why stop there? Lets compare the yearly totals from the Kauai MLS for the past 10 years.

Kauai Real Estate MLS yearly totals for fee simple sales:

2013- 969 Kauai Properties Sold
2012- 867 Kauai Properties Sold
2011- 749 Kauai Properties Sold
2010- 667 Kauai Properties Sold
2009- 453 Kauai Properties Sold
2008- 550 Kauai Properties Sold
2007- 849 Kauai Properties Sold
2006- 1470 Kauai Properties Sold
2005- 1684 Kauai Properties Sold
2004- 1527 Kauai Properties Sold
2003- 1604 Kauai Properties Sold

Wow from a low in the past 10 years of 453 sold Kauai properties in 2009, (I think we had more agents then that active with the Kauai Board of Realtors at the time) to a high of 1684 closed sales in 2005. What also surprises me is the 1604 sales in 2003. Part of this high sales number I can attribute to two new condo projects the Hale Malu townhomes in Puhi and the luxury Villas of Kamalii in Princeville. New inventory tends to create more units sold.

Kauai Kailani ConstructionKauai Kailani Oceanfront condo

Have we recovered yet? (I think so) Where are we going? My prediction for 2014? I believe we have a consistent supply of buyers, but we do not have a consistent supply of new inventory. My guess is 2014 total annual sales will be about 900 units. The sales numbers will get help from the Kauai Kailani condo project. There are reservations for this project and sales should record this year once all the public reports and condominium docs are properly filed. (there may be some units without reservations).

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By Julie Black